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Vintique Danny Gatton Style Bridge For Fender Telecaster Gen V

Price: $279.99
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Item Number: VTQB
Manufacturer: Vintique
Vintique Right Handed Danny Gatton Style Bridge For Fender Telecaster

Vintique right handed bridge for the Fender Telecaster. This is the style of bridge Danny Gatton used at the peak of his career. Manufactured and signed by Jay Monterose as depicted. Solid brass compensated saddles are designed to minimize 'crosstalk' between the three pairs of strings and maximize sustain. Polished stainless steel bridge plate mounts securely to body with four conventional sized screws towards the back end and two very long 'button head' screws on the front end. All mounting screws are included. Six holes in the deck for the strings to feed through; this bridge is designed for Teles that anchor the strings on the back of the body. Fits almost all real USA right handed Telecasters from the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, right handed USA Vintage Series Reissues, right handed USA Custom Shop vintage style Teles, right handed Relics etc. Also fits many right handed Mexican Teles and even most right handed copies of Telecasters! This bridge will not fit American Series/American Standard Teles.
Part of the all new Gen V from Jay Monterose.

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