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Vintique Compensated Brass Bridge Saddle Set For Telecaster

Price: $72.00
Item Number: VTQCS
Manufacturer: Vintique
Vintique Compensated Brass Bridge Saddle Set For Tele

Solid brass compensated bridge saddle set, three-saddle type, complete with stainless steel plated steel springs, stainless steel phillips head intonation length screws and slotted full size stainless steel slotted head saddle height screws. Many 'upgrade' brass Tele saddle sets use tiny allen head screws for height adjustment; that results in a thinner sound with less sustain. The Vintique saddles are also designed to minimize harmonic 'cross talk' between the three pairs of strings. Each individual saddle is machined flat on the bottom to allow a wider range of action adjusment. Vintique Parts are manufactured in the USA by Jay Monterose, Danny Gatton's long time guitar tech.

Part of the brand new Gen V from Jay Monterose.

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