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Tube Sockets and Tube Socket Accessories

4 Pin Tube Socket
4 Pin Tube Sockets For 300B, 2A3, 811, 5Z3, 6A3, 45 Etc.
5 Pin Tube Socket
5 Pin Tube sockets for 807 and similar based tubes.
6 Pin Tube Socket
6 Pin Tube Socket For Western Electric 310, Western Electric 366 And Similar Based Tubes.
7 Pin Tube Socket
7 Pin Tube Sockets For 2A7, 6A7 and Similar 7C Based Tubes.
8 Pin Tube Socket
8 Pin Tube Sockets For 6L6GC, 5U4GB etc.
9 Pin Tube Socket
9 Pin Tube Sockets For 12AX7A, EL84, 12AT7, 6CA4 And More.
Tube Conversion Kit
Tube Adapter Plates and Tube Conversion Kits
4 Pin Tube Base
All Types of Tube Bases
Tube Shield
Large Selection of Tube Shields
Spring Tube Keeper
Spring Tube Keepers, Bear Trap Clips, Top Caps, Damping Rings and More
Tube Socket Mounting Plate
Tube Socket Mounting Plates

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