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Shinkoh TAF Tantalum 1/2 watt Resistors

Price: $3.00
Manufacturer: Shinkoh

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Shinkoh TAF Tantalum Resistors, 1/2 watt

Tantalum film resistors from Japan, tinned copper axial leads. Considered by many D.I.Y. experimenters to be the best resistor for audio, offering unparalleled resolving power and transparency with warmth and musicality. NO metal film or foil type resistor even comes close. The body of the .5 watt resistors is 1 cm. long and the leads are 2.5 cm long. Diameter of the body is about 3 mm. The body of the 1 watt resistors measure about 1.5 cm. long and the leads are about 3.5 cm long. Diameter of the body is about .5 cm.

These tantalum film resistors are no longer being manufactured so we only have the values listed (and this list will get shorter as we sell out). Choose values from the drop down menu.

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