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Rough 'N Ready Stereo Single-Ended Hi-Fi Amp Chassis For D.I.Y. Tube Amplifier

Price: $117.00
Item Number: TAC
Manufacturer: MC
Rough 'N Ready Stereo Single-Ended Hi-Fi Amp Chassis For D.I.Y. Tube Amplifier.

Measures 15"X10"X2&1/2" tall. If you've never heard a single-ended Hi-Fi amp with efficient high quality speakers you're missing out on one of life's great sonic adventures. The immediacy and presence of low power (2W-8W) SE is unmatched by any push-pull amp I've ever heard. You can use 2A3 triode, 300B triode, EL34 triode connected, KT66, KT88, 807 or any other good output tube. On the front end I really like 6SN7GTB but a 12AX7 will also sound fine. You can use a tube or solid state rectifier. This somewhat roughly punched out chassis has all the holes most of you will need to mount tube sockets, power transformer, two output transformers, jacks, AC inlet assembly with fuse, level pots and more. Many of the parts we sell in our Reverb store and on the Angela Instruments website will fit the existing holes in the chassis but there will inevitably be some modifications required for your specific choices so keep that in mind. Many years ago when I was designing an easy to build single-ended amp for our website How To pages I fabricated the chassis in my garage using simple hand and power tools to simulate the working conditions available to most beginners. It took me about six hours to finish the metal work. This chassis will fast forward the experience greatly. By the way, that garage built amp is still working away in my living room.

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