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Riken 1 watt Resistors

Price: $5.25
Manufacturer: Riken

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Resistor, Riken, 1 watt

Riken Ohm feature gold plated copper axial leads, 1% tolerance, produced by depositing a thin film of carbon on a ceramic base.These Japanese audiophile resistors are considered by some to be the best for classic tube audio circuits like Marantz Model 2, Mullard 520, Acro, original Williamson, vintage guitar amp designs, too. If you've never heard how good premium carbon resistors can sound, you're in for a very pleasant surprise! These combine the transparency of a good metal film with the warmth of Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors without the noise and drift.  The body of the 1 watt resistor is 1.5 cm. long and the leads are 3.5 cm. long. Diameter of the body is about 6mm. Choose your values from the drop down menu.

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