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M&A Capacitors 22uF+22uF 500VDC Electrolytic Capacitor + Clamp

Price: $8.99
Item Number: MA22S
Manufacturer: M&A
M&A Polarized Electrolytic Can Capacitor 22uF+22uF 500VDC For Vintage Guitar Amps With Free Mounting Clamp.

Good quality, affordable replacement for the can capacitors found in many tube guitar and hi-fi amps. 85 degree centigrade rating. Measures 1.352" (34.37mm) diameter, 2.006" (50.97mm) tall. Fits included standard 1&3/8" mounting clamps. Aluminum case with black plastic jacket. Color coded solder lug terminals. This kit drops right into an old Marshall, Hiwatt or most other British amps exactly.

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