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Lockwashers, Stainless Steel For Metric 6mm Imported Potentiometers, 1 Dozen

LockwashersPot with Lockwasher
Price: $2.99
Item Number: SSLW
Stainless Steel Lockwashers For Metric 6mm Imported Potentiometers Pots Controls New, 1 Dozen
If you work on amps, effects and guitars with "ALPHA" or other imported metric sized pots you need to have a stash of these 'internally toothed" lockwashers on hand. These washers slip over the threaded bushing exactly. I measured outside diameter 15.15mm, inside diameter 8.39mm. Stainless steel will not rust. Alpha type pot is show so you how nicely the lockwasher fits; the pot is NOT included in this sale.

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