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Lindy Fralin Replacement Neck For Fender Stratocaster

Price: $260.00
Item Number: LFSTNK
Manufacturer: Lindy Fralin

Lindy Fralin Replacement Neck For Fender Stratocaster

Solid Rock Maple! Headstock Licensed By Fender. "To my ears a bigger neck improves the tone of most guitars. The wound strings get brighter and the plain strings get more solid. After buying several baseball bat necks and then shaping them between gigs a little at a time I have come up with a neck shape that is big but comfortable." This neck is all rock maple, 9.5" radius, medium frets, Fender licensed headstock and thin satin nitrocellulose finish. "We've all heard the magic is in the wood and I have come to believe this. Get a light resonant body and you will have the feel and sound of the earliest vintage guitars."

For those who want to further shape these necks or take the finish off the back I recommend setting the guitar up and playing it for awhile then removing a small amount of wood then playing it some more. I used the Stewart-McDonald scraper, then 400-600 grit sandpaper followed by rubbing in tung oil and letting it dry overnight." Headstock bored for Kluson '50s style tuners. You'll have to have a string nut made and have the frets lightly dressed. I measured .999" thickness at the first fret; this is one hefty neck with a gentle V shape. Width at the nut 1.641".

Manufactured to Lindy's specifications by AllParts. "ALLPARTS LIC. BY FENDER LINDY FRALIN MODEL" stamped into the bottom of the heel. Vintage style truss rod nut where it belongs at the butt end of the neck. Please note that the pictures  for this item are representative; each neck we ship will have a unique grain pattern.

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