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Lindy Fralin Push Pull Blender Pot

Lindy Fralin Push Pull Blender Pot
Lindy Fralin Push Pull Blender PotBlender With Phase ReverseBlender Pot With Coil SplitBlender Pot Coil Split (Partial Tap)
Price: $16.00
Item Number: LFPP
Manufacturer: Lindy Fralin
Lindy Fralin Push Pull Blender Pot For Les Paul*, Strats, Teles And Other Fine Guitars.

Lindy's new Push Pull Blender Pot gives the player a whole new tonal palette to choose from, and new wiring combination described below.

Blender Pot, Push Pull Hybrid!
Another Lindy Fralin original design! Experience  another layer of tonal configuration with Fralin Pickups  Push Pull Blender Pot. This Custom Push Pull Pot incorporates the Blender Pot element to allow you to blend and split at the same time. 

Blender Pot With Coil Split.
With this modification you can use the Blender Pot like normal but use the Push Pull switch section to split any humbucker you may like. This is a great modification when we hear customers who want a Blender Pot on their HSS Strat but also like to use the Tone 2 as their Split.

Blender Pot Coil Split (Partial Tap).
Just like the above mentioned modification except this time with a partial tap resistor. This helps any low output humbucker achieve a more convincing single coil tone when split. Furthermore, you can run the Blender Pot separately to achieve a blend of single coil and humbucker tone.

Blender With Phase Reverse.
This modification allows you to reverse the phase of one pickup, then use the Blender Pot to blend between fully in and out of phase tones! Lindy uses this on a custom Telecaster with two P90s. he will pull up, giving him an out of phase tone. Then, using the Blender Pot element, he can dial in just the right amount of phase reversal. Pretty cool!

No Load Push Pull Pot.
Fralin's Blender Pot element takes the pot completely out of the circuit when its on "10". This means that you can use this pot as a No Load pot! A great example would be a No Load Tone Pot. Simply wire the pot section like a normal tone pot and the Blender Pot as needed!

*This Push Pull Blender Pot has a 1/2" long threaded bushing so it will fit most Les Pauls and many other fine guitars.

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