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Lindy Fralin P92 Pickups Set, Gold Covers

Price: $330.00
Manufacturer: Lindy Fralin
Manufacturer Part No: HP92

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Lindy Fralin P92 Pickups Set, Gold Covers

A Lindy Fralin original design, P90 tone in a Humbucker cover.  Feature 42 and 43 gauge Single Poly Nylon wire and Alnico 5 magnets.  The stock set is 8,200 turns in the neck and 9,200 turns in the bridge,  reading about 6.8K for the neck and 7.8K in the bridge. Choose Gibson or 2 conductor leads.

Fralin Pickups are proudly handmade in Richmond, Virginia. We order Lindy Fralin Pickups as we get orders.  It usually takes about a week to ten days but can be longer when Lindy is busy.

Shipping is free in the USA!

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