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Lindy Fralin Pickup Covers, Premium P90 Dogear for Hollow Body Guitars, Black, Set of 2

Price: $14.99
Item Number: LF1S1R
Manufacturer: Lindy Fralin
Lindy Fralin P90 Dogear Pickup Covers for Hollow Body Guitars, Black Plastic, Set of Two.

Fits old Gibson, Lindy Fralin and many other reissue P90 dog ear pickups exactly. Manufactured in USA on Lindy's proprietary molds. Corner rounding and other features are as close to a '50s Gibson as I've ever seen. Bridge pickup cover overall height approx. .43". Neck pickup cover overall height approx. .335" on the high side tapering to .25" on the low side. As on the old Kalamazoo Gibsons the E to E pole spacing is approximately 1.95" for both neck and bridge pickup covers. If you are in doubt about the Fralin covers fitting your specific guitar measure the pole spacing on your specific guitar prior to ordering. Be warned that many inexpensive "Epiphone" branded import guitars have narrower spacing P90 neck pickups that will not accept the Fralin cover.

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