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Lindy Fralin Mustang Blues Special Pickups Set

Lindy Fralin Mustang Blues Special Pickups Set
Price: $190.00
Item Number: ILFMB
Manufacturer: Lindy Fralin
Manufacturer Part No: MB
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Lindy Fralin Blues Special Pickups Set For Fender Mustang 

Set of two pickups (one bridge, one neck),  Neck 6.2K, Bridge 7.2K. If you like the playability of your old or reissue Mustang but want a hotter, balanced pickup sound here's the set for you! Features of the Lindy Fralin Mustang pickups include Alnico magnets, Polynylon magnet wire, wax potting to reduce microphonics, cloth covered output leads, black fibreboard coil forms and white or black pickup covers. Mounting hardware is included. This set has an RW/RP (reverse wind/reverse magnetic polarity) relationship for hum cancellation when the pickups are combined. Choose white or black covers.

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Fralin Pickups are proudly handmade in Richmond, Virginia. We order Lindy Fralin Pickups as we get orders.  It usually takes about a week to ten days but can be longer when Lindy is busy.

When ordering these pickups please send us an email with your cover color choice.

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