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Lindy Fralin Blender Pot & Volume Kit For Stratocaster

Price: $17.00
Item Number: LFBVK
Manufacturer: Lindy Fralin

Lindy Fralin Blender Pot & Standard Volume Kit For Stratocaster.

The Blender Pot Mixes the neck and bridge pickup without affecting the operation of the five way pickup selector switch! The Blender Pot is manufactured by CTS. Split shaft just like the other pots in your Strat. With the Lindy Fralin Blender pot you can control the volume of each pickup and even get all three at one time. The middle pot becomes the master tone for the whole guitar. The Fralin Standard Volume Kit includes a .0025uF ceramic disc capacitor and a 220K resistor. The Volume Kit keeps the tone and volume more consistant as the volume pot is turned down. See Lindy Fralin's website for wiring pictorials for both the Volume Pot and the Volume Kit. Both are very easy to install and wire. 

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