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Jazz Chief 18' Cord With Switchcraft Screw-On Connector For DeArmond Pickups

Jazz Chief 18' Cord
Jazz Chief 18' CordJazz Chief 18' CordDearmond ConnectorThread Checker
Price: $36.99
Item Number: JC18
Manufacturer: Angela
Angela Instruments Jazz Chief 18' Cable With Switchcraft Screw-On Connector For Old DeArmond Pickups Including Vintage Rhythm Chief. Handmade In The USA!

Here's the eighteen foot long instrument cable you've been asking us to make for decades! Genuine Switchcraft USA mini screw-on connector on the pickup end, 1/4" nickel mono Neutrik plug on the amp end. Tour Link black jacketed low noise shielded single conductor cable. This cable fits many old '50s-'60s DeArmond jazz guitar pickups such as the famed Rhythm Chief and other types of vintage DeArmond instrument pickups exactly. The screw-on connector is similar in design to the screw-on connectors found on old ASTATIC JT-30 and other old type microphones but smaller in size with a 3/8-32 UNEF-2B thread. Has spring and slotted-head set-screw for strain relief of cord, nickel plated brass housing and coupling ring.

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