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Hammond items are not stocked but ordered as we get orders and are usually drop shipped via U.P.S. directly from Hammond in Buffalo NY. Drop shipped orders usually ship within a few days if the item is in stock at Hammond. If the item is not in stock at Hammond Mfg. the lead time can be several weeks. Call or email and we can check stock at Hammond. If you would like to order a specific Hammond part number and you don't see it on our website just send us an email and we can let you know price and availability.  If you do not want your items drop shipped please let us know.
Guitar Amp Transformer
Genuine Fender Amplifier Transformers
Hammond "Classic" 1600 Series Single-Ended Ultra-Linear Tube Output Transformers
Hammond Transformer 269JX
"Classic" 200 Series Enclosed Plate & Filament Power Transformers
372JX Hammond Power Transformer
"Classic" 300 Series Power Transformers
Hammond Transformer
Hammond "Classic" 700 Series Enclosed Plate Transformers
Hammond Potted Transformer
Hammond "Classic" Push-Pull, Ultra-Linear, Potted Output Transformers
125ESE Hammond Output Transformer
125SE Series Single-Ended Hammond Output Transformers
125C Hammond Output Transformer
Hammond 125 Series Universal Single Ended and Push-Pull Output Transformers
Hammond 158S Choke
Hammond 150 Series Open Bracket DC Filter Chokes
Hammond Transformer 1608
Hammond 1600 Series Push-Pull Output Transformers
Hammond 166 Series Open Style Filament & L.V. Rectifier Transformers
Hammond Transformer
Hammond 167 Series Enclosed Filament & L.V. Rectifier Transformers
193 Hammonds
Hammond Enclosed D.C. Filter Chokes, 193 Series
Hammond Transformers
Hammond 266 Series Open Style Dual Primary / Dual Secondary - L.V. - Chassis Mount Transformers
Hammond 1650PA
Hammond Classic 1600 Series Push-Pull Easy Wire Output Transformers
Hammond  Choke 194A
Hammond Guitar Amplifier Power Supply Chokes
262F6 Hammond Transformer
Hammond Low Power/Bias Power Transformer
Hammond Transformer 1750C
Hammond Guitar Amplifier Output Transformers
Hammond Transformer 290CX
Hammond Power Transformers For Guitar Amplifiers
Hammond  Audio Transformer 145E
Hammond Specialty Audio Models
140QEX Hammond Transformer
Hammond Studio Grade Impedance Matching Audio Transformers, 140 Series
Hammond Transformers Logo
Transformers For Tube Audio Projects With 117V Primaries

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