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Hammond Output Transformer 125E

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Price: $60.41
Item Number: 125E
Manufacturer: Hammond
Manufacturer Part No: 125E
Hammond Output Transformer 125E, Audio transformer, universal push-pull tube output, 15 watts

Hammond 125E 15 Watt Universal Output Transformer.  Designed for general purpose or replacement use in push-pull output circuits. 15 Audio Watts. Max. D.C. Bias 70mA. Primary Inductance 2.99 Henries. Weight 1.5 pounds. Frequency response 150hz-15Khz (+/- 1dB max. ref. 1Khz). Open frame style with minimum 5" long primary leads, secondary solder lugs for convenient secondary connections. Tables provided with each transformer listing 90 pre-calculated impedance ratios. Primary impedances from 1,200 to 25,000 ohms. Secondary impedances from 1.5 to 15 ohms. There's a hookup diagram printed right on the front flap of the carton.

Hammond items are not stocked but ordered as we get orders and are usually drop shipped via U.P.S. directly from Hammond in Buffalo NY. Drop shipped orders usually ship within a few days and non-drop shipped in about a week. If you would like to order a specific Hammond part number and you don't see it on our website just send us an email and we can let you know price and availability.  If you do not want your items drop shipped please let us know.

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