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Hammond Output Transformer 1628SEA

Price: $165.00
Item Number: 1628SEA
Manufacturer: Hammond
Manufacturer Part No: 1628SEA
Hammond Output Transformer 1628SEA

1628SEA 30W, 5K, 120ma, Ultralinear tap 40%, 4/8/16 ohm, 2,000VRMS Hipot Test
"Classic" Single-Ended Ultra-Linear Tube Output Transformers

  Higher power handling, smoother frequency response, two new impedances added and easy to use secondary taps. "Over designed" for single-ended Class-A tube output circuits (triode, tetrode or pentode tubes). Enclosed (shielded), four slot mount, chassis type "X" mounting. Frequency Response at least 20HZ to 20Khz at full rated power plus or minus 1 db max., reference 1Khz. Insulated flexible leads 8" minimum. 40% screen tap for Ultra-Linear tretrode/triode operation (if desired). High quality laminations, (M6) grain oriented silicon steel. Core is gapped to reduce core saturation in Class-A circuits.

Hammond items are not stocked but ordered as we get orders and are usually drop shipped via U.P.S. directly from Hammond in Buffalo NY. Drop shipped orders usually ship within a few days and non-drop shipped in about a week. If you would like to order a specific Hammond part number and you don't see it on our website just send us an email and we can let you know price and availability.  If you do not want your items drop shipped please let us know.

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