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Hammond 126B Audio Interstage-Tube Driver Transformer

Price: $119.63
Item Number: 126B
Manufacturer: Hammond
Manufacturer Part No: 126B
Hammond 126B Audio Interstage Tube Driver Transformer, Audio transformer, tube driver, interstage, for single ended tube amplifiers

4 Audio Watts,   5k, 178 ohms,  5k, 178 ohms, 44 Henries, 30ma. Designed for driver use ONLY in single ended tube output amplifiers. These units replace coupling capacitor circuits for improved sound. Closed style with minimum 8" long leads. All models use bifilar wound windings for exceptional coupling and bandwidth. Minimum frequency response 20 Hz. - 20 Khz (+/- 1db max. ref. 1 Khz.). The core is gapped to support the specified D.C. bias current. Core uses Hi grade silicon laminations (29M6). Units weight - 3 lbs. 2 oz.

Hammond items are not stocked but ordered as we get orders and are usually drop shipped via U.P.S. directly from Hammond in Buffalo NY. Drop shipped orders usually ship within a few days and non-drop shipped in about a week.

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