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6072A Groove Tubes 12AY7-EH Tube, Russia

6072A Groove Tubes 12AY7-EH Tube
6072A Groove Tubes 12AY7-EH Tube6072A Groove Tubes 12AY7-EH Tube
Price: $14.99
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Item Number: 6072A
Manufacturer: Groove Tubes
Groove Tubes/electro-harmonix Tubes For Guitar Amps 6072A 12AY7-EH Tube For Guitar Amps.

"Low-gain tube used in very early Fender® amps. Can sub for a 12AX7 to lower gain and produce a slightly warmer tone. Great for harp or blues where softer, more compressed distortion at lower volumes is desired. Medium/soft gain."

We bought a couple of hundred of these 6072A 12AY7-EH tubes from Groove Tubes as bulk stock. Each and every tube we ship is operationally tested by Angela Instruments. The first RCA version of the 12AY7 used by Fender in the early Bassman sounded very smooth and lush but was a bit noisy and prone to hum. The later GE military version sold as "6072A" was somewhat quieter but sounded a bit more like a conventional American 12AX7A with a more incisive treble and a slightly recessed midrange.* If carefully selected the Russian EH tube is a good, affordable alternative to 12AX7A/ECC83 if you're looking for a smoother, more compressed preamp tube sound for blues, jazz etc.

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