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Gretsch 500K Solid Shaft Audio Taper Pot

Price: $7.89
Out of stock
Item Number: 9221001000
Manufacturer: Gretsch
Manufacturer Part No: 9221001000 UPC 717669274641
Gretsch 500K Solid Shaft Pot 9221001000

Genuine Gretsch USA 500K Audio Taper Solid Shaft Volume Or Tone Control Pot. Fits old and new USA Gretsch guitars. Industry standard solid brass 1/4" shaft for set screw fixing knobs. Extra long (I measured .378" overall length...) threaded brass bushing fits through a .375" hole and is great for work on hollow body guitars. Exposed portion of the smooth shaft measures .369" long. Same pots used on many USA Gretsch guitars but you're welcome to use 'em in guitars by Harmony, Kay, Silvertone, etc. The same pot is used for both Volume and Tone control. Gretsch does not always provide premium mounting hardware with this pot but we do. Brand New. Genuine Gretsch 9221001000. UPC 717669274641.

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