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Forked Turret Terminal Board, 300 x 60 x 2mm, Black

Price: $19.99
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Item Number: 300602BFT
Manufacturer: MC
Forked Turret Terminal Board For Tube Audio Projects, Black Phenolic Fibreboard, 300mm x 60mm x 2mm

Handy for building vintage style guitar and hi-fi amps. It's easy to find transformers, chassis, capacitors, sockets, resistors, pots and jacks. Here's the part you need to finish it all off without driving yourself crazy (not to mention drilling holes in your fingers...). Measures approx. 300mm long, 60mm wide, 11mm centers between the individual forked nickel plated brass terminals, the two rows of 30 terminals are spaced 50mm apart. The black board is 2mm thick. There's plenty of holes in this board for wire routing and additional terminal posts as needed. Mounts to your chassis with metal or plastic standoffs and the appropriate machine screws and nuts (these fasteners are not included). Board can be cut with an Exacto saw to the length you need.

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