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Fender USA '62 Jazz Bass Neck Pickup Cavity Shield With Ground

Jazz Bass Neck Pickup Cavity Shield
Jazz Bass Neck Pickup Cavity ShieldFender Dealer Logo
Price: $9.99
Item Number: 0019659000
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0019659049 UPC 885978929047
Fender USA '62 Jazz Bass Brass Neck Pickup Cavity Shield 0019659049.

Genuine Fender USA Vintage Series '62 Jazz Bass Brass Pickup Cavity Shield Plate With Pickup Foam Rubber. Fits into the cavity on the body under the pickup to provide shielding from buzz, hum and electrical noise. Measures 3.501" long, .761" deep. Exactly the same part used on USA Vintage Series Jazz Basses. Fits underneath the pickup providing shielding. Comes from the Fender factory with a black cloth covered wire soldered on; the other end of this wire is simply soldered to the back of the first volume pot where the other black wires meet in a 'star grounding' arrangement. There's a piece of black foam rubber stuck onto the top of the plate; this serves as the pickup 'riser' when you loosen the four screws on top of the pickup.  Based on Fender's design from the early '60s, this brass plate fits under a Jazz Bass® pickup to provide shielding from buzz, hum, and electrical noise. Assembly consists of brass plate, strip of foam rubber for height adjustment, and vintage-style cloth covered ground wire (designed to attach to the volume potentiometer).

Brass plate is approximately 3.5" (89 mm) x 0.76" (19 mm).

Used on American Vintage Series (US) Jazz Bass® models. Can also be fitted to most vintage basses.

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