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Fender Handle Clasp for '50s Vintage Style Leather Handle, One

Price: $2.99
Item Number: 0036478000
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0036478000 UPC 717669114893
Fender '50s Vintage Style Leather Tweed Amp Handle Nickel Clasp, One

Fender tweed amp handle clasp, little nickel plated jobs found on Champ, Deluxe, Twin, Bassman and most '50s models. Mounts on top of cabinet with two screws (not included...), has big spike in center to hold leather handle in place. Fits older amps exactly. Identical to the original parts. Mounting centers 1.362". In the '50s Fender used nickel plated round head slotted (early '50s) or phillips head wood screws to fasten this clasp to the cabinet. Modern Fender amps using this style of clasp use round phillips machine screws and T nuts. Fender doesn't include any fasteners with this clasps but they're not too hard to find in a good hardware store. This NEW clasp is the best currently available part for restoring older Fender amps and some modern ones as well. Brand New. Genuine Fender 0036478000. UPC 717669114893.

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