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Fender Tele Movable Intonating Saddle Kit

Price: $47.00
Item Number: 0992099000
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0992099000 UPC 885978578979
Fender Tele Movable Intonating Saddle Kit

Three brass bridge saddles, screws, springs, and allen wrench. Complete kit with instructions for setting the intonation on your Tele.  
You better believe I put a set of these on my NoCaster in a New York minute. The install is a bit tweaky but these suckers work better than any of the other 'compensated' saddles I've ever tried. Be really careful when you unpack this kit; there are three little flat washers you will lose if you are careless. Insert the movable section of the saddle into the groove on the solid base of the saddle. Next put the flat washer onto the black fixing screw. Then line up the threaded portion of the black fixing screw with the interior thread of the brass movable section. Insert the allen wrench into the small hole on the top of the movable section until it goes into the head of the fixing screw underneath. Then turn the wrench clockwise gently until the movable portion is fixed in place by the tightened screw. Easy does it. The low "E", "G" and "B" strings rest on the solid base of the bridge saddle. The "A", "D" and high "E" rest on the movable section of the saddle. First, set the intonation of the low E, G and B strings on the solid portions. Then set the intonation of the "A, D and high E strings resting on the movable sections. To set the intonation of the 3 strings on the solid saddles, use the 3 adjusting screws on the back of the bridge plate as normal for a vintage Telecaster guitar. To set the intonation on the movable sections, first check the starting intonation with a tuner. It should be close because there is some offset built into the movable section of the saddle. Make note of which way and roughly how much you want to move the section. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure more than once before the intonation is set, since the adjustment of the movable section is a little more difficult than the solid saddles. Before moving the section, loosen string tension somewhat to allow easier movement. Begin the adjustment by inserting the .050" hex wrench into the small hole on the top of the saddle. Turn the wrench until you feel it engage in the hex drive recess. Turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the saddle. Leave the wrench engaged so you can use it as a handle. Slide the the section forward or back to the approximate location that you determined in the earlier step. Then retighten the locking screw by turning clockwise. Now tune the string back up to pitch and re-check the intonation with the tuner again. If the intonation is still off, repeat the procedure after again estimating how far to move the section. Once the intonation is set you will not have to change it unless you make any big changes to your set up or string gauges.  Brand New. Genuine Fender 0992099000. UPC 885978578979.

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