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Fender Telecaster Pickguard, Tele '52 Style Black Bakelite

Fender Telecaster Pickguard, Tele '52 Style Black
Fender Telecaster Pickguard, Tele '52 Style BlackFender Telecaster Pickguard, Tele '52 Style BlackFender Telecaster Pickguard, Tele '52 Style Black
Price: $37.00
Item Number: 0992019000
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0992019000 UPC 717669447038
Fender Pure Vintage Tele '52 Style Black Bakelite Pickguard, 0992019000

Fender Telecaster '52 style black single-ply pickguard, right handed as found on new USA vintage reissue models and even Custom Shop goodies. Old style stingy five hole pattern guarantees upward warp on some guitars, slightly rounded edges, they sometimes even leave some buffing compound residue here and there. These pickguards usually require some minor to moderate filin' and sandin' to fit many Teles, we warn ya'. For many years now they've been shipping 'em already lacquered 'n buffed like the old ones but they ain't putting 'em up on a quart can like Tadeo Gomez did in the early '50s. No, they're not perfect (neither are the highly inconsistent originals...), but these are the best repros currently available and among the best I've ever seen. Play 'em a bit, wear through the lacquer and you'll swear you'll lookin' at the real thing. Brand New. Genuine Fender 0992019000. UPC 717669447038. Fits most vintage and modern Telecaster guitars.

" is the Union Carbide trademarked name for a phenolic "Resinoid varnish" impregnated paper fiber composite material, an early (and CHEAP...) form of plastic. This material was commonly used in the old days to make telephones, radio cases, bowling balls and many other consumer and industrial items, including guitar pickguards. Other manufacturers offered similar materials under other trade names. "Laminated products are fabricated from superimposed layers of paper, canvas, cotton duck, or asbestos fabric impregnated with BAKELITE resinoid varnishes and hardened by heat and pressure. Characterized by unusual strength resiliency and toughness. BAKELITE laminates possess high dielectric strength; are exceptionally resistant to heat, water, oil and most chemicals. Will not warp nor deteriorate with age. Can be machined, punched and polished. Produced in variety of sheets, tubes and rods. Extensively employed for radio and electrical insulation, instrument panels, etc." This quote reprinted from the 1941 Electrical Buyers Reference.

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