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Fender 4 Way Tele Custom Shop Pickup Selector Switch

Fender 4 Way Tele Custom Shop Pickup Selector Switch
Fender 4 Way Tele Custom Shop Pickup Selector SwitchFender 4 Way Tele Custom Shop Pickup Selector SwitchWiring DiagramWiring DiagramWiring Diagram
Price: $17.00
Item Number: 0992250000
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0992250000 UPC 717669448363
Fender Tele Custom Shop 4-way Pickup Selector Switch, 0992250000

Fender Tele four-way pickup selector switch, allows series connected lead and rhythm pickup resulting in high output and rich, fat tone. Looks basically like a modern USA Oak brand Tele switch but with an extra stop (four, instead of three..) and lugs (five on each side instead of four...). Yes, it's an exact mechanical replacement for all old and modern USA Tele switches. This switch works best if your pickups are reverse wind/reverse polarity (e.g. Texas Special pickup set, also select Lindy Fralin Tele pickup sets...).

HELPFUL HINT: If you're using a Tele rhythm pickup with a traditional metal cover it's helpful (but not absolutely necessary...) to run a separate (preferably found on the Fender Texas Special rhythm pickup) cloth covered grounding wire to the back of one of the pots where your other ground connections meet, this will eliminate that 'click' if your strings should hit the cover. This four way switch sounds great! All Tele players should give this a try. I installed one of these in my 'Relic NoCaster'; now I'm hooked. Includes E-Z wiring pictorial, chrome mounting screws and even a black barrel switch tip. 

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