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Fender Power Transformer, Super Reverb 120V

Price: $119.99
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Item Number: 0056919000
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0056919000 UPC 717669136390
Fender Super Reverb Power Transformer 120V

Fender Super Reverb Reissue Power Transformer. As found on  USA reissue. 120V primary. I measured 4.137" length, 3.451" width and 1.620" tall on the steel laminations. Overall height from the fact of the top end bell to the face of the bottom end bell is 3.844". Screw mounting centers approximately 3.537" X 2.833". This transformer fits transversely through an approximately 3.055" X 2.444" hole in the chassis. There's one black and one white wire for the 120VAC primary. High voltage secondary consists of two solid red wires and one striped red/yellow center tap wire. There are two solid yellow wires for the 5V rectifier supply and two solid green wires for the 6.3V filament supply. There is also one striped red/blue wire for bias. We recommend installation by a professional amp technician. Brand New. Genuine Fender 0056919000. UPC 717669136390.

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