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Fender Speaker 10" 8 ohm 30 watt Vintage Ceramic

Price: $59.99
Item Number: 0994810002
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0994810002 UPC 717669510244
Fender Speaker 10" 8 ohm 30 watt Vintage Ceramic 0994810002.

Stamped steel frame finished in semi-gloss black lacquer. Vintage style gold and brown Fender sticker on back of the magnet. Lapped paper cone, paper dust cap. Kapton voice coil former. Handles an honest 30W in a closed back cabinet, 50% less in an open back combo amp. Nice affordable guitar speaker for your old or new tube amp. Cool for old Princton/Princeton Reverb or in a group of four in your Super Reverb. Used by Fender as original equipment in the Hot Rod Deville, Blues Deville 4X10" and Pro Junior. Made in Kentucky, USA by Eminence. Brand New. Genuine Fender 0994810002. UPC 717669510244. 10" 8-ohm ceramic magnet direct replacement speaker Used in Pro Junior™ and Hot Rod DeVille™ 4x10 amplifiers.

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