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Fender Pure Vintage Blue .1uF 600V Mylar Tin Foil Cap

Fender Pure Vintage Blue Caps
Price: $17.00
Item Number: 7705617000
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 7705617000 UPC 885978549191
Fender Pure Vintage Blue .1uF 600V Mylar, Wax And Tin Foil Signal Capacitor For '60s Amps 7705617000 

Blue Astron caps were used in early- to mid-’60s blonde, brown and black Fender amps (actual transition from the yellow caps occurred around 1962). Made with Mylar, tin foil and a touch of wax, “Blues” evoke sweet Fender tone—clear highs, warm mids and deep, clean bass. The Fender Blues are 'reverse-engineered and internally replicated capacitors great for vintage restoration, modification or new amp builds. Mix and matchable with other capacitor types. Use care when forming the leads; finger grip the leads near the body of the capacitor and bend with your other hand. Brand New. Genuine Fender.

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