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Fender Bass Pickup And Bridge Cover Mounting Screws, Oval Philips Head, 2

Fender Oval Philips Head Bass Pickup And Bridge Cover Mounting Screws
Price: $6.00
Item Number: 0015602049
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0015602049
Set Of Two Genuine Fender Oval Philips Head Bass Pickup And Bridge Cover Mounting Screws.

The Real Deal! Fender Bass men and women, you asked and we delivered. For decades most of us have used the little #4X1/2" pickguard and control plate screws* to mount the metal pickup and bridge cover plates down on our Jazz and Precision Basses. Here's a brand new Genuine Fender set of two larger #5X5/8" nickel plated steel oval Phillips head wood screws that'll really get the job done. I measured .228" diameter on the head, .639" overall length. If you're installing covers with these larger screws on a brand new bass make sure that you (or your luthier) drills pilot holes about the same size as the screw would be if it had the threads removed. That way the threads will have something to hang onto but you won't have to use brute force to drive the screw home. Brand New. Genuine Fender.  Fender now includes four of these screws with the packaged sets of Precision Bass, 0992087000, and Jazz Bass, 0992088000, pickup and bridge cover sets.
*Fender pickguard screws measure .212" diameter at the head, .110 diameter measured at the threads, .512" overall length. Some folks prefer to use these smaller screws for the pickup cover plate and the larger screws we're selling on this page for the bridge cover.

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