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Fender Malmsteen Brass String Nut Slotted

Fender Malmsteen Brass String Nut Slotted
Price: $14.99
Item Number: 0073916000
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0073916049 UPC 885978928163
Fender USA Solid Brass Malmsteen Slotted String Nut 0073916049

I measured 1.627", .119" wide, 1.4265" E to E string spacing. Machined on bottom to fit Fenders. Whenever you change out a string nut you should get a luthier to angle file the string slots down to the exact height required for your specific instrument, otherwise the action will be too high and the guitar will not stay in tune. Brand New. Genuine Fender. Used on Yngwie’s Signature Stratocaster, this high-quality solid brass string nut helps open notes sound more like fretted notes. Designed for guitars with modern 9.5" radius fingerboards.

Pre-slotted with string location grooves to make spacing and positioning a breeze when performing the final string slot filing. Please note: Some filing and shaping modification is required to ensure proper fit and performance.

9.5" (241mm) top and bottom radius, 1.620” (41.15mm) wide. For Stratocaster® and Telecaster® guitars.

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