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Fender Guitar Tuners, Locking, Brushed Chrome

Price: $74.49
Item Number: 0990818000
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0990818000
Fender Locking Tuners, Brushed Chrome, CHR-100, One Set, 0990818000.

Set of six for Stratocasters, etc. Look like mini Schaller tuners with square diecast case. Screw on bushings with washers. Two locating pins cast into back of case. No screws are required for mounting. Six in line for right handed instruments. Very effective knurled locking wheel on the back of each tuner case. String holes are graduated at the appropriate height to maintain tension over the nut for the low 'E', 'A' and 'D' strings and at a different height for the 'G', 'B' and high 'E'. Fender 0990818000.

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