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Fender Jaguar Pots Solid Shaft 1 Meg Tone & Volume, Set of Two

Fender Jaguar Pots Solid Shaft 1 Meg
Price: $15.78
Item Number: 19066X2
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0019066049 UPC 885978497751
Fender Jaguar Solid Shaft One Meg Tone & Volume Pots, Set of Two

The one meg audio taper pot is used for both Volume and Tone in the USA Vintage Series and old original '60s Fender Jaguars. This value was also used in many '70s Teles. Fits USA Fender Teles, Jaguars and other guitars and most amplifiers from the early '50s to the present. Solid 1/4" shaft pot for traditional set screw guitar and amplfier knobs. Solid brass shaft. Manufactured by CTS. The same 1 meg (one million ohms...) solid shaft pot is used for either Volume or Tone control in guitars and amps. This pot also works great for Volume in many Marshall amps.  Brand New. Genuine Fender 0019066049. UPC 885978497751. Used on vintage and modern Jaguar® and Jazzmaster® guitars.

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