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Fender Guitar Tuners, '70's F Tuners

Fender Guitar Tuners, '70's F Tuners
Fender Guitar Tuners, '70's F TunersFender Guitar Tuners, '70's F TunersFender Guitar Tuners, '70's F TunersFender Guitar Tuners, '70's F Tuners
Price: $54.00
Item Number: 0990822100
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0990822100 UPC 717669511388
Set Of Six Genuine Fender Right Handed '70's F Tuners 0990822100. 

Fender 70's "F" Tuners. This style of machine heads were used on Fender guitars during the CBS '70s. These "'70s reissue" tuners are the 'VERSION II' style of the "F" tuner with precision geared innards. They require very careful counter boring on the back end of the headstock. No, these are not 'drop in' replacement tuners for the flimsy stamped tuners on your '74 Strat but they may fit your '79 with no modifications required. Chrome plated, includes press-in bushings and screws. Fender "F" stamped into back of chrome plated stamped metal tuner case. If you do want to install these on an early '70s guitar you will have to get the holes on the back side of the headstock counterbored approx. 1/4" deep. We recommend that installations requiring counterboring be done only by an expert luthier familiar with vintage Fender guitars. Diecast collar that extends into the back of the headstock measures .379" diameter, .249" height. Split shaft with 'safety string' hole in the center. Straight portion of tuner shaft .234". I measured .399" across the spline portion of the headstock bushings, .473" across the upper lip.  Brand New. Genuine Fender 0990822100. UPC 717669511388. Expertly manufactured in Taiwan.
  • Package includes six '70s-style tuning machines with "F" logo
  • Gear Ratio 14:1
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Used on American Vintage and Classic series models
  • Will not retrofit American Standard, American Deluxe or Standard series models

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