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Fender Stratocaster Pickguard Shield Plate, '57 Stratocaster, Thin Aluminum

Price: $5.49
Item Number: 0019640049
Manufacturer: Fender
Manufacturer Part No: 0019640049
Fender USA Vintage Series '57 Strat Aluminum Shield Plate, 0019640049.

Fender '57 Stratocaster aluminum under pickguard shield plate, covers just the pot and switch area, As used on USA vintage series guitars.
Fits underneath the pickguard on USA '57 Stratocaster Reissue to provide shielding of the pots and switch from buzz, hum and electrical noise. Also provides a ground plane. Best available part for restoring older Stratocasters that use this style of shield. Brand New. Genuine Fender 0019640049. 

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