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Exactly Matched CTS 450G Split Shaft 250K Pots, Set of 3, Matched to 244.6K

Price: $39.99
Item Number: 244.6K
Manufacturer: CTS
Three Exactly Matched Brand New Genuine CTS 450G Series 250K Audio Taper Split Shaft Volume Or Tone Control Pots Fits Fender Stratocaster and Similar Guitars.  Matched to 244.6K

The brand new 450G Series is CTS's top of the line low torque 10% tolerance (range of variation is -10% to +10% of the imprinted value...) pot specifically designed for musical use. Easier to use for volume swells and tone control wah wah effects than the current Genuine Fender CTS pot. More features of the 450G include smoother rotation, low noise construction, proprietary anti static lube, reduced shaft wobble, solid brass threaded bushing and vintage style stamped top plate (the Genuine Fender CTS pots have a diecast pot metal top plate and bushing). Fits USA Fender Stratocasters from the '50s to the present EXACTLY. Split shaft fits traditional 'push on' Stratocaster knobs. Diameter of pot body .937". Threaded mounting bushing measures 3/8" diameter, 1/4" long. Exposed portion of splined slotted shaft measures 3/8" long. This pot is used for both Volume or Tone control. Standard 10% audio taper; at 50% rotation the pot measures 10% resistance. Includes lockwashers, beauty washers and hex nuts. The bottom line? The 450G raises the quality standards bar for traditional Strat pots; this is the best vintage style control you can buy. 

This set of three pots is guaranteed to be matched to exactly the same four digit value e.g. all three pots measure 244.6K ohms etc. Please note that the exactly matched sets we offer may vary in value from -10% to +10% of 250K;

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