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Ernie Ball CTS Split Shaft 500K Gibson Tone Volume Pot

Price: $7.99
Item Number: 6381
Manufacturer: Ernie Ball
Manufacturer Part No: UPC 749699163817
Ernie Ball CTS Split Shaft 500K Gibson Tone Volume Pot.

One Genuine Ernie Ball CTS 500K Split Shaft Audio Taper Pot For Gibson Les Paul, SG, Explorer, Flying V And Many Other Humbucker Equipped Guitars. CTS is the traditional choice for volume and tone control pots in classic Gibson guitars. Fits U.S.A. instruments from the '50s to the present EXACTLY. Proper 500K audio taper, split splined .235" shaft for push on Gibson knobs. Threaded brass mounting bushing measures .352"; make sure that this is long enough to fit your specific instrument. Ernie Ball includes hex nut and skinny lock washer in the package. We include a fat lockwasher and a flat beauty washer so you can do a first class installation.  Brand New. UPC 749699163817.

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