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Clasps For '50s Style Tweed Amp Leather Handle, Nickel, Set of 2 with Slotted Screws

Clasps For '50s Style Tweed Amp Leather Handle
Clasps For '50s Style Tweed Amp Leather HandleHandle with Clasp
Price: $8.99
Item Number: NCSS
Manufacturer: OTB
2 Nickel Plated Steel Clasps For Early '50s Tweed Guitar Amp Leather Handles With Round Slotted Head Screws

As found on some old Fender, Supro, Valco etc. amps. Bright nickel plated steel with nail in center. Mounting centers 1.362". In the '50s many manufacturers used nickel plated steel round head slotted (early '50s) or phillips head wood screws to fasten this style of clasp to the cabinet. Handle is not included. It is depicted here so folks can see how the clasps are installed.

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