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N.O.S. Clarostat 53C2-2.5MEG Potentiometer 2.5M, 2W Linear Taper Pot

Clarostat Pot
Price: $3.98
Item Number: 53C2 RV4 2.5M
Manufacturer: Clarostat
Manufacturer Part No: 53C2-2.5MEG
Clarostat Pot, 2.5 MEG, 2W, "53C2 RV4 LAYSA 
Very short locking screwdriver adjust shaft, comes with nickel plated locking nut.
New Old Stock Clarostat sealed nickel case pot.  Good old he-man molded carbon in original factory carton.  1&1/16" diameter nickel plated sealed case,  three solder lug terminals,  3/8" long threaded bushing for standard size fastening nut. Superb build quality.  Mounting hardware included.  Fine quality for high end guitar amps, guitar effects pedals, hi-fi and studio gear, test equipment etc.

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