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N.O.S. Clarostat 53C2-250 Potentiometer 250 Ohms, 2W Pot

Clarostat Pot
Price: $3.98
Item Number: 53C2 250
Manufacturer: Clarostat
Manufacturer Part No: 53C2-250
Clarostat Pot, 250 Ohms, 2W, "53C2  S Taper"
53C2 RV4 LAYSA 251A S Taper, very short locking screwdriver adjust shaft, comes with nickel plated locking nut.
New Old Stock Clarostat sealed nickel case pot.  Good old he-man molded carbon in original factory carton.  1&1/16" diameter nickel plated sealed case,  three solder lug terminals. Superb build quality.  Mounting hardware included.  Fine quality for high end guitar amps, guitar effects pedals, hi-fi and studio gear, test equipment etc.

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