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N.O.S. Clarostat 389-5 250Z 250 Ohm Audio Mini Trim Pot

Clarostat Pot
Price: $3.98
Item Number: 389 5 250Z
Manufacturer: Clarostat
Manufacturer Part No: 389 5 250Z
Genuine Clarostat 389-5 Series 250 Ohm Audio Taper Mini Trim Pot For Guitar Effects, Amps, On Board Guitar Electronics Etc. "389 5 250Z" stamped on the original individual box.

Pot 'box' body constructed from blue plastic with stainless steel fittings measures .522" X .519" X .437 deep. Three gold plated PC board mounting blade terminals. Small slotted screwdriver adjustable shaft. Use 'em wherever you need a PC board mounted trim pot. These are very high quality SEALED pots, much better than what you usually see in modern musical electronics. Clarostat pots were frequently used in military electronics, fancy test gear, scientific equipment, wherever high performance and reliability were the ticket. Made in Dover, New Hampshire USA, probably '80s vintage.

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