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Chassis for Fender Style 5F1 Tweed Champ, Chrome Plated

Price: $49.99
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Item Number: F51CC9X4
Manufacturer: MC
Chrome Plated Chassis for Fender Style 5F1 Tweed Champ.

Chrome plated steel chassis for building  '50s 5F1 Tweed Champ homebrew amps.

Finally, here's a really good quality 5F1 style chassis builders can actually afford. Measures approx. 8&11/16""X4"X2&9/16" deep. Vintage thickness (.068") steel, welded at the ends, OK punchouts with no burrs or other funky stuff for standard sized USA parts, OK (but not perfect....) polishing and plating, neat lettering. Rectifier and power tube socket holes 1.060", mounting centers 1.522". Small signal tube holes .786", mounting centers 1.143". Jack and pot holes .392". Pilot light, switch and fuseholder holes .503". Hole for AC cord is .630". Made in China. 
What power transformer to use? Hammond 290AX (120VAC primary) and 290AEX (240VAC primary) drop right in like they were made for it. The Fender vintage style pilot light assembly and the vintage phenolic fuse assemblies fit fine. For the output speaker jack you can use the old Dyna style RCA jack we offer on our web site. The current Fender style octal sockets from China are a good affordable choice. For the 12AX7 socket any current manufacture or N.O.S. nine pin J-slot socket fits exactly. Switchcraft input jack go right in. We've now got import one meg audio taper solid shaft pots with a piggyback on-off switch in stock.

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