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Centralab (CRL) .05 Tone Cap, One

Price: $3.99
Item Number: CRL05
Manufacturer: CRL
One N.O.S. Centralab (CRL) .05 Tone Capacitor For Vintage Fender Guitars And Basses Late '60s Style Ceramic Disc.
Yes, this cap was made by the same good folks who make the coil spring pickup selectors we know and love. Measures .57" diameter. 50V rating is overkill for any guitar circuit. Leads are only 3/8", enough for most Fender style tone control circuits but check your specific instrument and plan accordingly. I'd use this capacitor in Strats and basses where the tone cap piggybacks on the back of the pot but it may not have long enough leads for most Teles or other places where you need a long bridge between circuit elements.

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