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CDE 716P Orange Drop Premium Capacitor, .047uF/400VDC

CDE 716P Orange Drop Premium Capacitor, .047uF/400VDC
Price: $2.99
Item Number: 473J
Manufacturer: CDE
CDE Brand .047uF 400V 716P Premium Orange Drop Polypropylene Film And Aluminum Foil Tinned Solid Copper Leads Tone Capacitor For Guitars, Basses, Amps.
.047uF is the modern equivalent of the old .05uF capacitors used in Fender Teles, Strats, basses and in the signal section of amps, too.
CDE bought this product line from Sprague a few years back. I've sold many thousands of these capacitors over the past forty years and I've never seen one fail in a guitar tone circuit and only a few ever fail in an amplifier. That's reliability. Body of a sample capacitor measured .832" X .496" X .305" deep, 1.43" lead length.

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