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CDE 716P Orange Drop Premium Capacitor, .0022uF/600VDC

CDE 716P Orange Drop Premium Capacitors
Price: $1.49
Item Number: 222
Manufacturer: CDE
CDE 716P Orange Drop Premium Capacitor, .0022uF/600VDC 

Radial leads but easily adaptable to axial mounting for most 'point to point' wired tube audio circuits. SBE is the successor to Sprague, employing the same USA production facilities. The premium 716P series has tinned solid copper leads, approx. 2" long. The 716P series offer better quality/lower price than some of the highly touted audiophile plastic caps.

The type 716P Orange Drop is a high performance version of the popular 715P series. It is made from polypropylene and aluminum foil with solid tinned copper (as opposed to copper clad steel...) leads for the ultimate in high pulse current and high RMS current capability. It is a pressed unit for better utilization of board space. The 600V ratings are single section, extended foil units allowing for high frequency, high current applications.

Type 716P Orange Drop Capacitors are  coated with a flame retardant epoxy. The standard operating temperature of these capacitors is -55C to +85C. Capacitors may be operated up to +105C provided the working voltage is reduced to 50% of the +85C rating.

The 716Ps have a 10% tolerance, though typically less, and the maximum dissipation factor is 0.1%.

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