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Lockwashers, Carling USA Nickel Plated Steel Internally Toothed For Pickup Selector And Amp Switches, 12

Price: $7.49
Item Number: CLW
Manufacturer: Carling
Twelve Genuine Carling USA Nickel Plated Steel Internally Toothed Lock Washers For Pickup Selector And Amplifier Switches.

Bright Nickel plated steel. Essential parts for guitar and amplifier restoration, building and repairs. Fits the Switchcraft, Carling etc. switches found on those great '50s-present USA guitars and amps EXACTLY. For Fender Jazzmaster, most Gretsches, Gibson Les Paul, Danelectro, Harmony, Kay, Silvertone, Twin Reverb, Bassman and many others. Keeps those vital parts TIGHT to your chassis/circuit, cleanly grounded and working as they should. Outside diameter .602", inside diameter around .483". Brand New. 

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