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Rubber Dogbone Handle With No Logo, Black with Hardware

Price: $7.00
Item Number: BRDGB
Manufacturer: MC
Black Rubber 'Dog Bone' Molded Handle With No Logo For Vintage Guitar Amps.

This style of molded rubber dog bone handle was found on some late '50s big tweed amps and brown and cream Tolex covered models from 1960-65. Looks almost identical to the current version of this handle but there is no brand name logo stamped into the center. The lack of a logo makes this handle a nice choice for your custom made amp. With the loop clasps centered in the handle slots I measured 6.041"X1.930" mounting centers. I also measured approximately 7&1/8" overall length, .971" width. Nickel plated loop clasps are included. Nickel plated oval phillips head machine screws and T nuts are included. Brand New.

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