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Paper In Oil Signal Type Capacitors

Along with tube amplifiers and other 'out of date' audio technology, these paper in oil signal capacitors have helped revolutionize the hi-fi world. Back in 1987 I returned from a European buying trip hand carrying the first shipment of Jensen paper in oil audio signal caps to reach these shores. Thanks to our efforts over the years, these fine sounding capacitors have also become popular worldwide with high end guitar techs, tube audio amplifier artisans and more enlightened recording studio equipment techs. We recommend these caps wholeheartedly for both vintage and new tube gear. Expensive, yes, but worth it.

 The terminal end which is connected to the outside foil is the end with the line on the marking. Some customers like to connect the outside foil to the "low" voltage end because, even though it is very small, there is a capacitance value between the housing (aluminum tube) and the winding inside, and connecting the cap this way will minimize this capacitance. (Personally, I don't think this is significant.)

Tone Cap Tips

In your guitar the Tone Cap rolls off the highs.  The higher the value the more highs are rolled off.

Great alternative to .022 in P-90 and humbucker equipped guitars. Woman tone! (As Cesar Diaz used to say).
.022µf  The traditional value for P-90 and humbucker equipped guitars.
.047µf  The traditional choice for Fender and other similarly equipped guitars with single coil pickups.
0.1µf  This value was used originally in old Fender guitars and basses but most modern players feel that it rolls off the highs too much, a relic from the days when guitar players had to 'double on bass'.

Angela Aluminum Pio
Angela Aluminum Foil Paper In Oil Signal Capacitors
Angela Copper Pio
Angela Copper Foil Paper In Oil Signal Capacitors

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