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Telecaster Wiring Kit with 4 Way Switch and Copper PIO Tone Cap

Price: $69.99
Item Number: TWKCC
Manufacturer: Angela
Angela Instruments Premium 4 Way Wiring Kit With Jensen Copper Foil Paper In Oil Tone Capacitor For Fender Telecaster 

Wiring a project Telecaster or upgrading a new one? Here's a generous kit of killer premium parts, including some you just won't find anywhere else. Includes two Genuine CTS Low Torque 250K solid shaft tone and volume control pots with premium mounting hardware, Genuine Fender Oak-Grigsby manufactured four-way pickup selector switch with nickel plated slotted head '52 style screws, black '52 style barrel switch tip, .047uF Angela Jensen Copper Foil Paper In Oil premium tone capacitor*, Genuine Switchcraft Mil. Spec. premium silver plated output jack, bridge pickup mounting screws, bridge pickup mounting rubber tubing, neck pickup mounting screws and rubber tubing, more than enough black/white/yellow vintage style cloth covered 22g wire, body cavity ground lug and some world class audiophile silver solder from Japan. If you've got a set of Tele pickups with a reverse wound/reverse magnetic polarity relationship  the four-way pickup selector switch allows the usual bridge only (position one), bridge and neck in parallel (position two), neck only (position three) pickup selections plus series connection of the bridge and neck (position four) resulting in a louder, thicker, dirtier sound. With RW/RP pickups positions two and four are hum cancelling. The Fender 4 way switch includes a wiring diagram.

*Please note that this capacitor measures 1.450" length X .636" diameter. It's a tight fit and requires some careful placement and soldering but I got it into my Tele just fine and it ain't ever coming out-this sounds as good as it gets. 

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